The Resistance

About the importance of being aware of our natural tendency to always choose the easy path.

Diner Ismail

2 minute read

Every Monday evening, after finishing one hour of training in Savate (French kickboxing), we’re invited to stay for an extra 30 minutes of sparring. My initial intention every time is to stay, because sparring is the most valuable type of training I could do other than actual boxing. However, when the hour of training ends and the time comes to make the decision I start having thoughts like: “I’m quite tired though, and I feel like I’ve trained enough anyway”, or…

Balancing Dichotomies

On finding the equilibrium between the many contradictory forces present in life.

Diner Ismail

3 minute read

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about ideas that are present in more than one context and which are more generally applicable - rather than specific techniques or singular pieces of knowledge. One of these ideas is what I call balancing dichotomies.

The Best Books I've Read In 2016

In which I summarise and share highlights of my favourite 5 books of 2016.

Diner Ismail

10 minute read

I found it quite difficult to pick just 5 books to talk about in this post. Even though the number of books I’ve read is much lower in 2016 than it was in 2015 (by about 20 books!), the list includes many incredibly inspiring volumes that have played an important part in my personal growth. Honourable mentions that didn’t make the list are: Wired for Culture, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, Improv Wisdom and Deep Work.